Director Andrew Goh – A True Inspiration and An Exceptional Leader

Andrew Goh – Introduction & Experience:

Team Concurs is headed by Mr. Andrew Goh, an eminent personality in financial advisory and related industry. Andrew has a vast experience in financial planning and advisory services spanning more than 17 years and he has won many accolades and awards during his journey. His dedication and knowledge towards his work has made him win several awards like the President Club Awards in the years 2007, 2009, 2011 and also in 2015. He is also the proud recipient of the Regional Leaders Award in the years 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and in 2015. He has also bagged many other awards such as the Prudential Agency Leader Award, Multi-Million Dollar Agency Awards, Star Club, and Premier Award almost every year since the commencement of this career. His sincerity and commitment towards his customers have made him one of the most respected and renowned financial experts in recent times. He is extremely popular among the employees as well as the customers for his amiable and striking persona.

Andrew Goh – Contribution & Objectives:

Over the years he has honed his interpersonal skills of interacting with clients and consultants. He has set an example of how to gain the trust and provide benefit to your customers in every possible way. The clients vouch for his professionalism and efficacy in the field of financial advisory. He is the perfect role model for his successors as he has surpassed his legacy among them and nurtured them to grow in their respective careers. With his never ending support, strive to succeed and the zeal to excel in business has earned the firm a supreme position in the financial advisory sector. Concurs is one the top financial advisory firm in Singapore and has come a long way since its inception. Andrew is currently looking to grow his team and is hiring to groom the elites as a part of Team Concurs.

Under his supervision and guidance, the team is going to be the best in the due course carrying his legacy to take Concurs to new heights. Andrew had a clear objective for this company that is to be the best in the industry in providing utmost customer satisfaction. Team Concurs is committed to taking care of the financial needs of its customers in the most efficient manner. A financial need can arise anytime in your life, be it a medical emergency, higher education, buying a property or anything else. The team gives the best solutions to ensure financial security at any time of your life. They are experts when it comes to increasing your wealth by investing it into profitable funds. So, be rest assured about their expertise in financial planning and see your money grow with the help of the consultants.

Andrew Goh – The Leader:

As the Director of Concurs, Andrew has successfully maintained a healthy yet competitive work environment in his office. The employees are considered to be the greatest assets of the company and are treated equally. The goal is to create a workplace that is a pleasure for the employees to work in and at the same time provides ample opportunities to excel in their respective positions. The employees are treated well with several benefits and rewards as the token of appreciation to encourage good work.  Andrew is a rare combination of intellect and presence of mind that made him of one the most successful businessman in this era. His precise foresight and business acumen have helped him achieve many laurels through his journey. He is still adding many more jewels on his crown and continue winning hearts as he has done so far in the coming years.