Term or Whole Life, which is the Ideal Life Protection Option?

Most financial advisers, not only in Singapore but the world as a whole, agree that life insurance constitutes an integral part of financial planning. However, despite the acknowledgement that life protection plans are important, there are still people who are misinformed, confused or just skeptical about owning one. While every person has his or her […]

Manufacturing Boosts Singapore’s Performance to Beat Forecast

Singapore’s manufacturing sector’s resurgence has captured the attention of the global wealth management investment service providers. Our economy is expanding at its fastest pace in the past three years, with the third quarter recording a 4.6% growth rate, beating the 3.8% predicted by economists, thanks to the surging manufacturing sector. The third quarter economic growth […]

US-North Korea Feud and How This Could Impact on Your Wallet

It is no longer news that the United States and North Korea are sworn enemies. The war of words between the two countries had escalate recently, with its peak coming a month ago when US President Donald Trump warned of “fire and fury”, while his North Korean counterpart said they “carefully examining” their plan. The […]

Mitsui Targets Singapore’s Ailing but Lucrative Property Market

The Singapore property industry is facing a significant shakeup with the emergence of Proptech. But even as this happens, the market is on the verge of receiving a massive investment after Japan’s largest sogo shosha, Mitsui, and Co, revealed plans to join the fray. The project is set to kick off before the end of […]

Polls says Younger Corporate Heads Have Not Set Their Goals

Most Singapore’s younger top executive, 50 and below, have not set their financial goals. According to Citibank’s Wealth Survey, out of the 103 interviewed head honchos, 57% have not set their financial goals. The respondents in the poll included Chief Executive Officers, managing directors, and board chairpersons. While the top management positions in the country’s […]