How to Determine the Ideal Life Coverage

Death  is inevitable. Almost everyone wants a peaceful death and there are many who pray for a sudden death. If you are one of them, death might be a release from suffering for you, but what about your family if you have not planned your finances properly? What if your life cover is insufficient? As […]

How Can You Analyse and Manage Your Debts?

Debts are part and parcel of life for almost all the middle-income Singaporeans. However, when our debts grow beyond our potential of repayment, it becomes a major source of concern. The most common debts for Singaporeans are home loans, car loans and credit card loans. Signs of Debt Crisis To build an effective plan for […]

 New Graduates – It’s Never Too Early to Start Saving and Investing

Every year, thousands of people graduate in Singapore and the economy accepts the new workforce with open arms. Flushed with the notion of earning their own money, it is common for these young people to start spending their paychecks on good food and luxury items. However, those with the financial discipline to start saving a […]

Enjoy Greater Peace of Mind with Policy Riders

Buying one insurance plan to cover all your needs is not easy. The reason is that insurance companies provide different benefits in different policies and more often than not, it is not possible to cover all your needs with one policy. A way to mitigate this issue is by buying policy riders. Policy riders, also […]

Your Financial Wellness is Just Like Your Physical Well-being

Your financial wellness is just like is your health. You know that it is your responsibility to stay as healthy as possible, and it requires you to be physically active. You care for your health and wellness by exercising, maintaining a healthy diet and equipping yourself with knowledge of how to take better care of […]